Ronnie Allen

Computer Scope, Inc.

Recycle Program

1.  We have developed a Program for Recycle Centers in North Carolina to meet the new requirements established by NC Law.  The program consists of invoice and sales forms that allows Recycle Centers to input all required information according to NC Laws.  Also it includes a simple Scan-License into the form which is just a click of the mouse. Note: we can provide license scanners which also simplify the process.  

The invoice has drop down menus that will fill in Customer information, vehicle information and items/price purchased.  Sales forms are simular except vendors will replace the customer information. The program also has many reports that will provide companies about any kind of information needed.  Some of the reports are, “Daily Cash and Check Report” (by day, by date or by date range), “Purchase Reports” (by day, item, customer and for a day or a range of dates), Sales reports (by vendor, item and by date). “MISC Reports (Customer list, Item [scrap] list, and vendor list).

2. Customer Options:  Since this is a custom program, we can modify it to meet each customers needs, including reports, check printing, forms, etc.

3. We also offer Video Surveillance equipment to also meet new NC requirements for providing video of the customer at register,  items on the scale, and weigh station.

4.  If you would like further information, please contact us at (336) 667-6565 or use our contact form on our contact page.  


Sample of Invoice Form