Ronnie Allen

Computer Scope, Inc.



Hours of research go into determining the best computers, parts and accessories on the market. We research reviews, specifications, lab tests and consumer feed backs. We want to insure our customers are getting the best product for the best price.

You are the Boss. We can  completely custom build your computer exactly to your specifications.

Ready for a new system?


We specialize in building “High End Systems” with Solid State Drives, the best in video graphic cards, memory, and unlike proprietary systems (Dell, HP, etc) our system are free of junk programs.  Contact us with system requirements and a quote will be in your hands within the same day. We deal with real time pricing and build systems to customer's specifications.  Therefore, we do not stock or resale used systems.



We can meet all of your needs, from printers, external backups, high end sound and graphics cards, DVD/CD ROM drives and memory at competitive prices.